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Hi Scumhead.

I had commented on this game about a year ago asking if I could use Hellwomb as an example in a tutorial guide I was making for the Raycasting Game Maker. The tutorial never became a video series as intended, but it is now a downloadable PDF guide with some video examples included. Hellwomb is one of the 12 indie games that is featured. 

Thank you again.

Here's a link to a completed guide:


Sorry I'm late to respond, but that's so cool! Appreciate the mention.

Krinxtv mentioned this on stream and I had to find it

Beauty :3

This game is 10/10 for me. A little bit repetitive, but very good as a short shooter game! The controls were fine for me, it's just the sensitivity that made it a little hard to aim.


Nice game bruv! Controls confused me for a bit but it was genuinely  fun!


Hi scumhead.
"Hellwomb" is actually the first game I tried that was made using the Raycasting Game Maker, and I loved the experience.

I wanted to ask if I could use your game as an example in a Raycasting Game Maker tutorial I want to put together? I'm working on both a written and video version.


Sure, go ahead

Thank you so much.


where you intend to post your tutorial? (~~folowing)


A 2 hour video version will go to YouTube, and a written version will go to ModDB.

Ok igrica, ima svoj koncept i temu, nije komplicirana i sretno u daljnoj gradnji!


Intresting game.

Runs well on Linux too using WIne. Out of the box.

As others already mentioned the controlls are a bit clunky but for a game jam game with limited amount of time it's a very good result. Liked it!

Even tho, except of the doors it did not felt like your in some sort of Womb but that's okay :D

The first two levels are just hell with the identical corridors with a single wall texture. That coupled with the bad controls almost made me quite, not gonna lie.

Like the artsyle! But i found the gameplay a little clunky. Enjoyed the challenge though


is this a unorthodox way of making a porn game ?

I'm impressed by the atmosphere it creates with so few sprites and artwork. It's working off the Wolfenstein model, but it manages to do its own thing and not feel limited by that design aesthetic.

My only issue was the control scheme and the framerate. It was a tad slow and jerky, and made me a bit ill having to slowly turn my head as I was. Makes circle-strafing a bit messy. LOL

Even with that said, though, I love the concept. And the art design for the monsters and the keyhole doors are great.

LOVED IT! Vivid, weird and strangely horny? 10/10.

Holy shit the sounds in this! So dark and wet crazy amazing atmosphere! If you are ever working on future projects and need foley work/ost or just need a music mix/master engineer I would love to help you out!

every character looks naked ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘

hmmm delicious, well, hell womb



This will be a full playlist for the Jam -  No Commentary

Nice work as always man :)

I liked it, I also like how I got better with the controls over time lol

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This is the most Scumhead thing i've ever seen.

- Matt

Impressive game! Interface plus claustrophobic layout of each map reminds me of Gloom! Gotta try this one out. Good work.


Oh wow...another game by scumhead! This doesn't look safe for Twitch, but I'm gonna play it offstream!


Not safe for Twitch???  Nah it's fine.  Now go put that dong-key in the vagina-lock.  LUL

Love all your work! I backed Vomitoreum on Kickstarter (second to highest tier. Love that physical poster) and can't wait for the full game!