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Happy Halloween!

Join Rain in a short, sweet, action packed adventure through haunted forests, decrepit villages, and cold cobbled ruins...

Collect cash to buy powerful sidearms and upgrades, gather the five orbs to unlock Dracula's Castle, retake Morvania from the Vampires!


Keyboard and Mouse:

WASD - Move


RMB -  Sidearm

LMB - Attack

SHIFT -  Dash

TAB - Pause


DPAD - Move

A - Jump

B- Sidearm

X- Attack

Left Bumper - Dash

Left Trigger - Pause

Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
TagsHalloween, Metroidvania, Retro


Lycanthorn3.zip 52 MB

Install instructions

Download Zip, Unpack, Run .EXE, GO!!!!


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What happened to making first person games? Honestly those were much better than these 2d games you have been making.

I can NOT play your game.  I keep getting told that I need MSVCR120.dll.  Other people do not seem to have this problem.  What should I do?

How do you make the controls work? I pressing the keys and nothing is working.

Nice little game that's not all that little.

Two issues I ran into:
1) My hearts/ammo gets reset to 10 each time I enter a new "room", regardless of how few or many I have.
2) Your subweapon projectiles keep moving (and damaging enemies) even when the game is paused.

Took me a while to get around to playing it, but I loved this. Rain is cute (I love the upgraded outfit), the blue claw girls are cute, enemy designs are great, and I think the Lycanthorn games in general are my favorites of the stuff you've made so far.

Really fun and castlevania-esque game. 


Cool, more Lycanthorn stuff. Here's a speedrun.

a change of pace from the fps to the adventure metroidvania platformer


I love you.