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I have many problems with Moonlaw, the thing is, that Everytime you get hit you always jump upward, and the enemy hitboxes are ridiculously small, mainly the boss, the controls are a bit sticky, so If you would fix all the problems, that'll be great

Se alguém braseileiro estiver lendo, fiz um review do jogo no meu canal.

Made a review for Moonlaw on my channel, but it's in portuguese.

Hey there, I love your work! I would also love to see you participate in my Game Jam.

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I have a 2 monitor setup but this game always opens on the wrong monitor, no matter what display is set as standard in windows. In windows mode I don't see a way to move the it either.

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+ Graphics: NES - like, simple, charming and nice. 

+ Music and SFX sounds are good too. They're matching the game and it's art style. 

+ Level design is good. 

+ Controls are comfortable.


- Hitboxes size are not matching sprites size. They are bigger, which results in enemies hitting me when they shouldn't. 

- Health bar is glitching sometimes, not showing the right amount of health. Which happens mainly when I'm dashing into an enemy, but also at some random times.

- Whem I'm jumping or falling from screen to screen, if I am not lucky and a wall is right on the edge of the next screen, I am getting stuck and I can't get out. Only game reset is helping. 

- I noticed also, that game is sometimes backing me to the last save point. I didn't die or anything. I am just playing and then game is blacking out and moving to the last save point.

But tbh. None of those cons were that game breaking. Well... maybe except that moving through screens bug, health bar bug and game backing me to the last save point bug. But only a little.

So my overall score is 8,5/10. I like the story, art and sounds and music. As I said, bugs and kinda bad sprites hitboxes are not that game breaking, but they are still there and are a little irritating.

Great game.

Short but pretty sweet little game. I'm not sure how the shield was supposed to work, though. Every time I used it on a beam I still took damage. Also, am I crazy or is there an arrow pattern in the mechanical area that points at a wall but doesn't seem to mean anything?