A downloadable Castlevania for Windows

Happy Halloween!

Lycanthorn is a game inspired by Castlevania, made in 3D!

This short little game will take you through 8 levels of Vampire slaying action!

You are Rain. A Vampire slayer with Werewolf blood.

A small island off the coast of Morvania has become tainted with the Vampire menace.

Ascend Ransylva castle, and defeat Carmilla- the noble brood mother!

This project was a joint effort between me (Scumhead) and my talented friend Lukamusics!

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Updated 9 days ago
Published 10 days ago
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags3D, Halloween, NES, Short

Install instructions

Export the rar file and run the .exe file!


Lycanthorngamepatched.rar 38 MB


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Enjoyed it! A little on the easy side, but a good half hour of fun, again a good showcase of your art too and the soundtrack is Castlevania convincing, it was a fun distraction from my day.

Holy crap.  Fantastic game.  Very fantastic.  Loved immensely.  Every single part.

Hmm.  DoomVania.  Like the concept.  Definitely playing.

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Why is the game's executable called "Shrine"?

Also, right-clicking does not seem to work for me: Secondary Fire is bound to Mouse 2, yet I cannot throw knives when I right-click.

Finally, the music does not loop properly: rather, it fades out before starting over.

Oh, and spotted a typo in the first intermission screen: "recieved"

Because is from the same modder. Shrine and Shrine 2 are previous projects, and the art direction is simlar.

Absolutely awesome game, you’re doing Gods work right now.

Amazing game

what engine was used for this game?




This game's hella cool, man. And the soundtrack is so badass! Great job! Will the soundtrack be available for download at some point? I gotta have that, man.



Do you know if it will be available for download though? It's streaming only on there right now.

Great Game DEV 💯👍


Was this made on the doom engine!?


Very amazing. The overall art style and the palette are exactly like 8 bit games and i seriously love it.