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is there gone be a steam version

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I love basically everything about this. I remember playing Lycanthorn 2 a few years back and thinking it was neat, but never finishing it for whatever reason. Coming back as a Castlevania fan, I'm definitely not going to be making that mistake again. The music is great, the pixel art is great, the levels are interesting and mostly unique, and overall the worlds just feel very natural despite how basic they are. From what I remember you added more open world or rpg aspects to the second game (could be wrong though), and that would basically be my only suggestion for this game, as I kept feeling like it would be cool to go into one of the houses or explore off the beaten path.

Your game is very nice. But I am playing on Linux and when I launched a game, in terminal I saw script errors:

Script error, "shrine.ipk3:mapinfo" line 135:

Unknown property 'cluster' found in map definition

Script error, "shrine.ipk3:mapinfo" line 135:

Unknown property '3' found in map definition

Script error, "shrine.ipk3:mapinfo" line 136:

Unknown property '{' found in map definition

Script error, "gzdoom.pk3:menudef.txt" line 211:

Unknown texture M_EPISOD

Script error, "gzdoom.pk3:menudef.txt" line 244:

Unknown texture M_SKILL

I mean. I can still play. Everything looks like it works. Although I think some textures are maybe looking wrong. Idk, I just mention it, maybe you'll answer if those errors are indicating something important.

NGL but if you would've included the UDB Lycanthorn mapping format file I would totally make a custom mapset on this for funs 😈

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I saw a trailer for your game on Steam and I was immediately sold! My one question is what can I do to ensure that my game doesn’t run so slowly? I booted it up and the main screen, along with everything else, is pretty slow. Anyone know what to do?

Followup, turns out it’s not just this. It’s any GZDoom game I’ve got, such as the Shrine games

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Just finished playing this on stream after trying the Vomitoreum demo. Looking forward to the release of Vomitoreum and planning on playing Lycanthorn 2. Really great art, levels, and pacing/length. Incredible that this was free. My only complaints are the intertia after moving/jumping makes precision platforming kind of miserable and the last boss felt pretty bullet spongy while you have no i-frames after taking a hit so some patterns just one-shot you but otherwise it was really impressive.

Fun game, but I found a lack of ammunition to be a bit of an issue. Its a shame because even castlevania had big hearts that grant more than 1 shot each, and an ammo cap higher than 20. Overall I'd recommend it despite my complaints, good game, I had fun~

I always thought Castlevania could work in first person, thank you for confirming my suspicions, Lycanthorn was fun! Question: What does the message displayed when you go to exit mean?


Made it 2 parts because of sleep :D

And of course I'm always slow in playing games

Getting ready for Lycanthorn 2! Here is an edited full playthrough no commentary of the first game!

Simply amazing

This is great! Do you have the actual wad/mod files, I would like to play on android using the app delta touch which is a doom source port but I can't since these are exe's.

Amazing game! Quick question, why is it called Shrine.exe? Only it's confusingly similar to your previous games...

Cool Game

Thanks homie

Currently, the Linux download does not show up in the itch client. Looks good, though!

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Best Video Game on my opinion !

i have nothing to say but im loving its the best!

is this really a mod even shrine and this one?

This game is great! I'd add some advices for novice players (especially about jump after sprint) and some general polishing. But even now it feels great!

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Your first point is what I was I came on here to write, I’d appreciate this being a little more approachable to someone who isn’t familiar with doom. I’d love to see just enough guidance so a person who has never played doom could get into this with no trouble

it’s little things like ‘okay I died and nothing is happening, what do I do?’

Fantastic game! So short though. I'm not gonna lie, I'd shell out $20 for a full length version. My only complaint is that it's perhaps a bit too easy. I breezed through final boss without even getting hit. Maybe a hard mode for more experienced players?

A very challenging game with excellent music. Congratulations! 


Very cool, but the right mouse button doesn't do anything - I got the knives and could not throw them.


They work the same way as in Castlevania, just destroy some decorations to gain ammo for them.

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Is it possible to roll this into a standalone wad/pk3? I've been using a RaspiPi for my doom fix lately.

Edit:You can just extract the ipk3 and use it, I was being stopped by a typo





The bosses design are off the grid. Kudos!


Honestly I love your creations scumhead. I was a big fan of Shrine and Shrine II. But they had something dull. Lycanthorn is not like that, its beautiful. There is something about this game that makes it Castlevania-esque. Amazing game.

- A classic Doomer (also I got here because of KillsAlone :P)


So very cool. You got the feeling of the OG Castlevania games in a 3D setting which is no small feat. The music is fantastic as well, it sounds like something from a Castlevania game we never received (well, until now I guess). I played it for my Bloodcurdling Barrage, in which I do daily videos for all of October.

Holy crap.  Fantastic game.  Very fantastic.  Loved immensely.  Every single part.

Hmm.  DoomVania.  Like the concept.  Definitely playing.

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Why is the game's executable called "Shrine"?

Also, right-clicking does not seem to work for me: Secondary Fire is bound to Mouse 2, yet I cannot throw knives when I right-click.

Finally, the music does not loop properly: rather, it fades out before starting over.

Oh, and spotted a typo in the first intermission screen: "recieved"

Because is from the same modder. Shrine and Shrine 2 are previous projects, and the art direction is simlar.

Amazing game

what engine was used for this game?




This game's hella cool, man. And the soundtrack is so badass! Great job! Will the soundtrack be available for download at some point? I gotta have that, man.


Do you know if it will be available for download though? It's streaming only on there right now.


Was this made on the doom engine!?

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Try Total Chaos and Project Brutality, you'll get stunned. Doom modding community will never die and will never cease to amaze us.


Very amazing. The overall art style and the palette are exactly like 8 bit games and i seriously love it.