A downloadable game for Windows

Shrine is a first person shooter made in the Doom engine!

Battle the nightmarish eldritch horde as Tusk, the skinless monstrosity!

Annihilate a variety of horrific enemies with a load of unique and strange weapons.

  • 8 Weapons to rampage your way through the Elder World
  • 13 Enemies to Blast into giblets
  • 16 challenging but fair levels to test your might against the eldritch Horde

A thank you to Jberg for the standalone version!

To support more projects like this, please consider donating at: https://www.patreon.com/scumhead

Tagseldritch, FPS, Horror


shrine_1.4_win64.zip 92 MB
shrine.ipk3 79 MB


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i didnt know dere was a second hold up ima go play dat

I'm enjoying this one so far. It's pretty badass, man! I got through 4 levels so far and will be playing more soon. Thanks!

A Lovecraft FPS?  Hell yes.  Sign me up.  Playing.

Dude, this was a crazy journey and although the bosses drew me a little crazy, you did an amazing job with this!

Awesome DOOM mod! I love all the new unique weapons, new sprites, and the fact it takes full advantage of the Gzdoom engine's added features. I need to get around to playing Shrine 2! 

I review it here:

Are you going to release Shrine 2 on itch?

Gave it a go...

great game

I'm not a fan of how ammo works. but everything else, from the levels to the graphics I adore! Had to turn off dynamic lights to play at a good framerate but it still looks really nice, I have hopes for Shrine II and definitely gonna play it as soon as it comes out

Made a video

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Hey, just wanted to tell ya that i loved the game. First off the graphics were AMAZING, that artwork was really really good. Most games of this type use a dark look which makes games look very dull, but you managed to both give the game a dark look that while keeping it bright looking and "pretty". Seriously these graphics of yours are just stunning. i rate it  10 shotgun shell /10 monster thingies. Plus the Violet-ish colour of the weapons was an epic touch. Made it seem it had an alien-monsterish feel to it

Gosh, the 60 FPS doom-like gameplay is all that i needed. Gameplay is epic...just pefect. The Monster design is gorgeous.  Especially those early monsters with the glowy eyes. 

Level design is amazing. What i really liked was the fact that i never felt clostrophobhic in it. I felt i could move alot, especially in the early cave mission.

Weapons are awwwesomeee, although i could use a bit more of a bigger "shot" animation after firing a shell. sound design is grest too. Love the sound of em guns and the monsters.

This game is seriously Whoa. Like Whoa, who's that hot Gal walking down the streat level "Whoa", only this hot gal comes with a handbag filled witha all the mosters from hell that  i need to send back. I really really hope you keep devoloping this,you know make more levels and stuff. I heard you're also plannibg a sequel(PLEASE DONT CHANGE THE ARTSTYLE), So all the best for that ! 

Kudos to you stranger, you just made everything i would ever want from a doom style shooter.

Thank you so much for this game. I hope it becomes super famous. I told a few of me pals about too. 


Thanks so much man, this really warms my heart. I'm glad you liked my dumb little project.

I'm working on a sequel and you can check out updates on that on my twitter: https://twitter.com/Scumhead1


can we get a Mac version? wanna try this badly. thanks


We tried to develop a mac version- but it was really hard due to a recent change in how mac apps work. Sorry about that.

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that sucks, appreciate the attempt tho. still gonna try it on pc tho. call me if you ever get to make a mac version.


how do you make an IWAD? i've wanted to do it forever!!

No idea! Had my buddy Jberg help me out with making the mod standalone. It was a long process that took about 2 weeks- so Imagine it's pretty tough.

ah, ok. 


I quite like the art style and map design you did with this game, the lack of unique weapons and mobs makes it  feels like I'm playing a reskin of doom. (I mean I kinda am ) Good work all around though.


Gave it an LP, and also a No Commentary version that I just uploaded

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Loved it man will for sure finish it off camera. Great job man 

Here is a link to my channel:



thanks for playin man, glad you enjoy!


scumhead, if you release the chapter II of the game on itch.io and steam, man that would be awesome!

That's the plan!

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Thank you pro!! Also my dad when he saw me playing the game, he said the graphics is awesome, my dad liked the game I swear

Loved the art style  , it's unique and clean

While I was never great at doom styled games, it was definitely fun. If this game is a demo, then I seriously recommend completing it and putting it on Steam. If it is a completed game ... put it on steam.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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dude this game was very fun to play! i finally completed the game, i loved the map designs, weapons, and enemies, are you planning to make another game?

Yes! A sequel is currently in the works and is about 25% complete

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Will it ever be updated? Just asking cause I won't play it unless it is fully finished.

It's fully finished, but balancing and bug fixes are a given. It's in a pretty good state to play right now!


Wow, do you remember me? I asked you that how I need to activate the mod to play the game, you released the game on itch.io!! That's awesome

Thanks dude! Now anyone can play shrine c:>

looks *really* interesting. Say... How long is the game?

About an hour- hour and a half.