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Shrine II is a first person shooter made in the Doom engine!

Battle the nightmarish eldritch horde as Tusk, the skinless monstrosity!

Annihilate a variety of horrific enemies with a load of unique and strange weapons.

Travel through a variety of levels set in a retro Gothic Lovecraftian world!

  • Over 20 Weapons to rampage your way through the Elder World!
  • 30 Enemies to Blast into giblets!
  • 6 Challenging bosses to defeat!
  • Secrets around every corner!
  • 32 challenging but fair levels to test your might against the eldritch Horde!

A thank you to Jberg for the standalone version!

Updated 27 days ago
Published 28 days ago
TagsFPS, Horror, Retro

Install instructions

Extract the rar, and use shrine2.exe to play!


Shrine II.zip 201 MB


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Very cool game. I love the animations and the character design, plus the shooting feels satisfying. I played it for my Bloodcurdling Barrage, in which I do daily videos for all of October.

I thought Shrine was insanely good, so good in fact that I included it in my favourite games of this past week!

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I know its my own fault lol but I started the video thinking it was a playthrough XD so i was very confused 

Amazing sound design and atmosphere. I got my ass kicked and loved it.

there`s a final level in this game probably, i reached it its called dragons end i`ve tried to complete the level but it was hard, there`s so many enemies, i hope to see a video about completing this level that i`ve talked about

Hurtboxes of the lil crawling critters could use some work and the font is super hard toread. other than that, nice job so far. Love the mood and setting it gives off. 

I decent retro shooter which I am currently enjoy playing. AS one of the other posters said, the gun doesn;t get shown in some areas when scrolling the mouse wheel so the bombs became my main weapon which I didn't mind.

Here's my video with no commentry.

Part 1 levels 1 and 2

Part 2 which is Level 3

Good Luck and keep up the great work


P.S. I will finish Shrine II off and post the vids.

I have run into a bug where the boss of map 10 is invisible and was curious if there might be a way to fix it??

I really thought i was gonna love this game because i love most retro shooters, but damn, i really started hating those weapons at some point. I need some guns, man. And the mouse scroll hid my only gun, making me think the ammo was gone. So bombs became my main and it's such an annoying way to fight. I'm sure most people will like this game but i couldnt get into it. 


So happy to see Shrine 2! Its been a blast so far!


Sweet! Can't wait to dive in.