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Yo anyone else find the secret mode? new to the game like just started it and i accidentally found it. its the final option after TUSK WILL DIE! in the difficulty select

The app does not like this game, I think its because you have your exe nested in a folder

The game has a problem for me. Whenever I start the game. the textures are all messed up, most missing entirely. I also cant see any of the enemies. How do I fix this?

HEY GUYS in the tomb level there is no way to continue the level you are stuck on a cave am i doing something wrong or is this a legit problem?

this is awesome!

I downloaded from browser and all seems to work, I love the look of the game but I gotta tell you that downloading in the app doesn't work


hi, can i suggest for future games you dont include copyrighted music for cutscenes? would be appreciated so i dont have to go mute the audio to remove the copyrighted portion.....

"Collapse -- Boards of Canada"

i forgot the other one, it was a few months ago when i removed it.

also probally a bad idea to be distributing the short loop of music in your games in the first place, even if you did have a license.



Currently, the Linux download does not show up in the itch client. Looks good, though!

Any idea why I can't install it through Itch app (on Win10)? It's not a big problem, but it's strange. After clicking Download or Install in App, a window pops up with two fields, one where you choose a version to install, and a second with an installation path. The first field is empty, there is nothing to choose. I had the same problem with Lycanthorn II, but today I tried again while installing some other games, and it worked. Shrine II still doesn't. Sometimes it displays "cannot read property 'build' of undefined" error message. Not always, though.

I have the same problem and would like to know as well, saw it happen with another game, Gnarled Hag.


I ran into the weirdest issue playing through this. I've lost the ability to both load save files and to start a new game. What happens is that the view of the level seems to load in behind the menu and then the menu very slowly fades out of view. I am unable to move the character or take any actions, even when the menu has completely faded out of view. I've tried deleting the game, downloading it again, and I even tried downloading it on steam, but the problem has shown up on every download. What's weird is that I was able to play fine yesterday morning, this problem only showed up last night and has persisted since. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if its been documented previously and also if there's any fix for it.

 Anyway, I think the game is a ton of fun, it has some really good atmosphere, I like a lot of the enemy designs, and every weapon feels great to use. I just haven't been able to finish it yet due to my issue.


Shrine III when?


Very cool game. I love the animations and the character design, plus the shooting feels satisfying. I played it for my Bloodcurdling Barrage, in which I do daily videos for all of October.


I thought Shrine was insanely good, so good in fact that I included it in my favourite games of this past week!

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I know its my own fault lol but I started the video thinking it was a playthrough XD so i was very confused 

Amazing sound design and atmosphere. I got my ass kicked and loved it.

there`s a final level in this game probably, i reached it its called dragons end i`ve tried to complete the level but it was hard, there`s so many enemies, i hope to see a video about completing this level that i`ve talked about

My advice would be to make sure you come into the level with at least one of every powerup with you. Watch the Domineeress' health, if it's running low, then take out the horde surrounding it. If things get drastic, use the time stop powerup. Also, Dagon's End is NOT the final level.

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Hurtboxes of the lil crawling critters could use some work and the font is super hard toread. other than that, nice job so far. Love the mood and setting it gives off. 

I decent retro shooter which I am currently enjoy playing. AS one of the other posters said, the gun doesn;t get shown in some areas when scrolling the mouse wheel so the bombs became my main weapon which I didn't mind.

Here's my video with no commentry.

Part 1 levels 1 and 2

Part 2 which is Level 3

Good Luck and keep up the great work


P.S. I will finish Shrine II off and post the vids.

I have run into a bug where the boss of map 10 is invisible and was curious if there might be a way to fix it??

I really thought i was gonna love this game because i love most retro shooters, but damn, i really started hating those weapons at some point. I need some guns, man. And the mouse scroll hid my only gun, making me think the ammo was gone. So bombs became my main and it's such an annoying way to fight. I'm sure most people will like this game but i couldnt get into it. 


So happy to see Shrine 2! Its been a blast so far!


Sweet! Can't wait to dive in.